Welcome to the Bagdad Elementary School! Bagdad serves students Pre-K through Fifth grade in the Bagdad community and surrounding areas of Milton, Florida.


Bagdad's early history dates back to 1825. The village was named, it is believed, for the famous and historic city of Baghdad, Iraq, which is located between two great rivers in the Middle East.  Bagdad is located between Pond Creek and the Blackwater River. During a short period of time Bagdad was renamed "Blackwater," but soon returned to its original name.  Bagdad was one of the largest lumber manufacturing mills in the nation for more than 100 years (1825-1939). 

The closing of the lumber mill in 1939 left many people without work. But, at the beginning of World War II, Bagdad residents found work at the Pensacola Navy Yard (presently Pensacola Naval Air Station). Most of the families remained in Bagdad while the workers commuted to Pensacola, thus enabling Bagdad to escape becoming a ghost town. 

Bagdad's first school, built in 1866, was located next to the former Presbyterian Church located on Church Street between Allen and Main Streets. The school and the teacher were supported by the mill. Later, a two-story wooden structure on Simpson Street was the school until it burned in 1914.  Then, the mill built a new school on Forsyth Street at the present location of the First Baptist Church.  In 1925, a new brick building, Bagdad Grammar school, was built across the street.  January 4, 1925, was the opening day for this new building and today it continues to serve the children of Bagdad and surrounding areas. 

Principals of Bagdad

2023- Current Tiphanie Sapp 

2015-2023 Daniel Baxley 

2009-2014 Linda Gooch 

2006- 2008 Larry Brewton 

2004- 2006 Will Nowling 

1987-2004 Roderick C. Gracey 

1962-1987 Pasco Gibson 

1959-1962 Dayton Hobbs 

1957-1959 Hubert William (Bill) Jones 

1950-1957 W. H. Rhodes 

1946-1950 Mahlon McCall 

1939-1946 M. Luther King 

1929-1939 A. D. McCall 

1923-1929 E. A. Faircloth 

1920-1923 A. L. Laird (C. S. Laird?) 

1919 Miss Kennon 

1916 Miss Alma Becket 

1915 Miss Minnie Tippins 

1913-1915 W. C. Pryor 

1912 W. B. Jernigan 

1911 Miss Julia Harn 

1910 M. C. Pitman 

1909 H. E. Graham 

1908 C. A. Wagner 

1906 W. N. Henderson 

1905 E. F. Finder 

1901 Miss Daisy Greene 

1900 F. D. Scarborough 

1892  H. W. Sindorf 

1892 C. P. Walkers